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About Me

Hi I Am...
Shawn. Im 26yrs old, and i love r/c racing.My brother shane got me into the sport. I got burned very badly on july of 2000 and was out of work. I had skin grafts on my foot and arm. Due to finantial problems I had to give up r/c for a time. I have 2 wonderful childeren. Sam who is 4 and likes r/c already, Jayden who is gonna be 1 in sept. I have been married to my beautiful wife tonya for 7 yrs, and loved every minute of it. Now im back into r/c and it seems that the sport has died(for lack of a better term) a little. Id like to get more people into this sport i love. I really have become a Team Associated fan. I own a RC10 buggy, a RC10B3, And A RC10T3. All used of course. I Really would like to get a TC3 with the rally hop up. Well thats a little about me. Take care and enjoy this site.
Shawn (T3_pilot) Berndt

Update: Hi all sorry I haven't worked on the site lately. I have found out im a diabetic and have been dealing with that. Not a whole lot of fun. have been in and out of the docs and still dont know a whole lot about it. If you are a diabetic r/c racer please contact me. Id like to talk to you. Please keep checking back. Shawn (T3 pilot) Berndt

Team Associated
I Have become a Team Associated fan. I love the abuse even used cars take. Parts are easy to get and contacting, and getting replys via phone and e-mail are easy. Team associated Has helped me out with ALOT of questions At their web site WWW.TeamAssociated.com. I have gotten set up sheets for free, tips, and even some of the pro's setups. Please be sure to check them out next time you have a question, or if you are just looking for a new R/C. You wont be disappointed. And Thats just my opinion. (I Have not been paid in any way, shape or form from TEAM ASSOCIATED, I just enjoy their prouducts and am just stating my opinion)

GO TO.. WWW.Team Associated.Com Check em out !!!!!!!!