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Tips And Tech. II

Got alot to bring to the pit?
If you have the same problem as i do, Got alot of gear to bring to the track. If you dont want to make alot of trips, get a luggage dolly. Stack all your gear on it, strap it down and go. Keep your eyes out for deals. I got my dolly at a garage sale for .50 cents.

  Reuseable Rims If your not a racer and dont want to throw away good rims beacause the tires are shot. Use strips of double sided carpet tape. (From April 2000 R/C car action magazine)

  Good Body Clip Holder Use an old key ring, and clip your body clips to it. The clips will be there next time you need them, no more searching the bottom of your pit box for clips.

  Track Side Air Cleaning. At the track your gas r/c airfilter may get dirty. Wash it with some nitro fuel. Squeese out the extra juice and grime. Remember to oil the fliter before you use it again.

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