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Tips And Tech.
Electric Motors
Motor Turns and Winds:
Turns, Refers to the number of times the wire was wound around each armature arm. The less the turns the higher rpm or top speed. If you wish A fast motor, It would be the the one with the fewest turns. REMEMBER the fewer the turns the more battery draw there is, Inturn means lesser run time.
WINDS, refers to the strands of wire wound around the armature. Double being 2 strands, Triple being 3, and so on. In general winds with fewer wires will give more bottom end. While mor winds with more wires will be slower at take off but will have a higher top end. In addition the less turns of wire the less run time, Beacause fewer wires will draw more from your battery.


Have a problem landing your jumps? Try to Adjust your driving style. Tap the throttle just as your car takes air. If that's no help, Try to adjust the ride height. Drop your R/C from about a foot off the ground. The rear drive bones or cvd's Should be level with the ground. Adjust your rear springs. If it continues to dive on a jump landing try adding more preload to the front shocks. Good luck. Hope this helps a little, or at least gets you on the right track.


Wrap your servo lead around the shaft of a screwdriver. From the but end of the shaft wrap tword the tip of the screwdriver. Set the coil by heating the wires with a Hair dryer. Heat till warm, let cool, then remove screwdriver. It should stay coiled.

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